Thermal Spa

Thermal Spa 

Compulsory Medical Consultation

Termas de S. Vicente

Enjoy the best of alkaline waters with the therapeutic effects of Termas de São Vicente. ÁGUAS DE S. VICENTE occupy, for its flow, for stability, for its stability, for its sulfuration and alkalinity, the first place among all springs in the region of Entre-os-Rios. (Prof. Ch. Lapierre).

The Romans gave him preference as the beautiful ruins of the Luso-Roman “Balineum” attest, in which they took advantage of in the first centuries of the Christian era.

ÁGUA DE S. VICENTE is chemically hypothermal, hypomineralized, sodium carbonate (alkaline), silicate, ionic and sodium sulfuric - Bacteriologically pure.

Mineral Water Chemistry

The mineral water collected at Termas de S. Vicente is classified as a sulphurous water.

The sulphurous waters of Termas de S.Vicente are globally classified as hypothermal (average temperature of 18.5ºC, weakly mineralized, “sweet”, with a very alkaline reaction).

In ionic terms they are sodium bicarbonated, fluoridated, sulfhydrated, containing part in ionized form.

Waters of São Vicente

Dynamic Pool

The Dynamic Pool with thermal water from Termas de S.Vicente contains about 62 varied treatments that allow to improve the health and well-being of those who use it.

It is one of the first pools with thermal water in Portugal, to enable this variety of treatments. In this pool, there are the following treatments: sequential hydromassage, jacuzzi, aerobath bed and bench, waterfall, swan fan and neck, running and counter current corridor.

  • Sequential hydromassage favors increased blood circulation and improves muscle.
  • The swan neck, fan and waterfall eliminate stress and provide more comfort and well-being.
  • The bed, the aerobath seat and the jacuzzi, relax the human body, provide a smile and a feeling of comfort.
  • The walking corridor allows for well-being and eliminates fatigue of the lower limbs through the pressure exerted with the thermal water.
  • The counter current provides well-being, improves muscle tension and combats rheumatism.

From the Thermal Spa and SPA you have direct access to the Palace Hotel from the inside, for better comfort and well-being of the user.

Medical Consultation - 40 €

Ultrasonic or Monosonic Aerosol - from 6.00 €

Oral or Nasal Inhalation - from 6.00 €

Spray to mouth, throat and the like - from 6.00 €

Nebulization for sinus treatment - from 6.00 €

Nasal irrigation to treat sinusitis - from 6.00 €

Column steam for cervical recovery - from 6.50 €

Steam for Members, recovery from arthrosis and the like - from 6.50 €

Local Massage with Neutral Fragrance - from 15.50 €

General Body Massage with Neutral Fragrance- from 18.50 €

Local Vichy Shower - from 15.50 €

Complete General Vichy Shower - from 18.50 €

Nozzle, Cachão or Circular Shower - from 6.50 €

Bath with Whirlpool - from 9.50 €

Bath with Air Bubble and Whirlpool - from 10.00 €

Bath with Air Bubble in bathtub - from 9.50 €

Simple Immersion Bath - from 7.50 €

Dynamic Thermal Recovery Pool with Companion - from 12 €

Dynamic Thermal Recovery Pool - from 10.50 €

Therapeutic indications Officially recognized by the Ministry of Health:

Rheumatic and Skeletal Muscle Diseases:

• Spondylarthrosis (Spine)
• Osteoarthrosis (Knees; Coxofemoral)
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Ankylosing epondyloarthritis
• Fibromyalgia
• Tendinitis, Peritendinitis, Etc.

Respiratory system disorders:

• Sinusitis
• Allergic rhinitis
• Rhinosinusitis
• Chronic bronchitis
• Bronchial asthma

Authorized by Cat (General Directorate of Health):
Skin Diseases

(In Medical-Hydrological Studies):
• Psoriasis
• Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)

Others: Rest and Well-Being