Terms and conditions

Accommodation is understood to mean the service of renting a room, apartment or other accommodation unit and its private facilities for a maximum period of 24 hours, which always ends, unless otherwise agreed, at 12 noon each day.

  • The price of accommodation to be practiced in tourist developments does not include breakfast service, unless otherwise agreed;
  • At the request of the user, an extra bed can be installed in the accommodation units (contact reception for the price);
  • In all developments there are timetables and price lists for all services and facilities made available to customers;
  • All prices and taxes (VAT) are already included in the prices charged;
  • Upon arrival at any tourist accommodation establishment, the guest must be given the establishment's identification card, which will include the guest's name, room number and price, breakfast price, date of entry, date expected exit and the number of people occupying the room. This card must be used in case of any complaints before the official tourism services;
  • The operator is not responsible for money, jewelry or other valuables that are not deposited through the custody service provided at the reception.

In all establishments there is a standardized complaints book, which must be provided to customers who request it.